Free Course! - Build an API with NodeJS


Learn to build an API with NodeJS (Beginners) – Created by Mikael Abehsera

Having a hard time finding beginner friendly courses explaining **NodeJS?** Looking at applying to backend jobs? This project is also a **very common** interview technical test.

This course will take you through the ropes of understanding endpoints in NodeJS. We use Express and NodeJS to build an API step by step, making sure you understand everything that is going on behind the scenes. We use theoretical and code examples to make sure the reader learns how to make an API and not just how it works. Additionally, you’ll learn what asynchronous programming means and how its done in code, as well as understanding what C.R.U.D means when building an API. This is the perfect project to use to apply for backend development jobs. All software required for this project is free. You do not need node experience for this, but some JavaScript knowledge is required.

- We build 4 API endpoints that take you through the entirety of CRUD technology.

- Over 35+ code snippets including descriptive documentation.

- 17 Content packed lessons

This pack includes:

- All Boilerplate needed to get started.

- Completed project files.

- Fully documented course in multiple formats (PDF, docX)

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Free Course! - Build an API with NodeJS

I want this!